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08 April 2011 @ 10:32 pm
birth story! :D  
ok, finally got some actual sleep this morning so now i can type this out lol putting two LJ cuts for anybody who wants to skip the story and just see crappy phone pics of the baby lol

andrew roland james
4/5/11 (39w2d) 2:19am
8lbs 8oz, 20.5 inches long

we drove in on monday for our induction. the plan was that i would have a cervical check at my dr's office, then we'd go to the hospital and have cervidil inserted (to soften my cervix), and tuesday morning i would get pitocin if i didn't start contractions from the cervidil, and my dr would come check on me between surgeries and break my water if contractions weren't getting anywhere.

we were late for the appt at my dr office (not surprising, knowing us) but she checked me and i was still 2cm dilated like i was at the previous appt. we left with an hour until we had to be at the hospital, and i was starving so we ran to perfect cup and had a late lunch with my friend sarah. since it sounded like there wasn't really any major importance to being there right on time, we took our time a tiny bit (i told cori -- my husband -- that i'd rather have energy than go without food or anything) and ended up getting to the hospital at like 5:20 instead of 5 lol but when we got to L&D, there was a nurse who happened to be coming out and she was like "can i help you?" so i said i was getting induced that day, and she was like "oh! are you amanda?" and she opened the doors for us and took us in, but then said they weren't quite ready for us so she sent me down to admissions to fill out any last bits of paperwork that were needed.

at admissions, the girl was confused because we'd pre-registered so there wasn't really anything that was needed. she asked me a couple of questions and then said to just head up to L&D and wait in the waiting room until they needed us. i was a little upset over having to ride the elevator so many times (even though it was only one floor) because they make me really dizzy :/ and the L&D waiting room is right with the elevators, and just being near them still makes me dizzy.

so we waited patiently for a little while, and then a nurse (named chris) came and got us. she apologized and mentioned something about having to take a patient out on a gurney and something about an ambulance (i'm assuming they had to transfer a way early preemie to the other hospital that has a level in their NICU for them). she got us situated in our room, inserted the cervidil, and gave me a hep lock before running off to help with a c-section in one of the other rooms. that was around 6:30.

around 7:30 she came back, and was checking the monitors for the baby's heartbeat and any contractions i was having. she asked "so, how are those contractions?" and i was confused... and she said i was contracting every 4 minutes. i was like "oh... i hadn't really noticed and just wrote it off as him stretching i guess" lol she chatted with us a little (she was extremely nice and cheerful) and then said her shift was over so another nurse would be in around 8 to check how i was doing and say whether or not i could walk around a little and maybe eat a little something if i wanted.

around 8:45 cori went to look for the new nurse because nobody had come to check on me. the new nurse (dillan) came in and took off the monitors so i could walk around some. she asked what sort of pain medication i would be wanting and i told her i didn't really want any (i have a high resistance to pain meds and a high tolerance for pain) unless i needed to rest, then i would want an epidural. she kind of acted like "yeah whatever" which was a little irritating, but didn't bug me too much cuz i'd prolly act the same way if somebody told me that. my friend casey showed up at some point to keep us company (around 8:30 i think but i didn't write it down). i was getting very uncomfortable, and was hoping that if i just went to the bathroom i'd feel better. sitting on the toilet was unbearably uncomfortable, so i walked back to the bed and just stayed there.

over the next couple of hours i started getting more and more uncomfortable, and was starting to get really upset because i felt like i had to go to the bathroom but sitting on the toilet was enough to make me cry just out of frustration. finally i decided to try lying down and maybe i'd be more comfortable. casey left (i guess this was around 10:30 or so) and i stayed on my side for a bit. i managed to pass some gas, which made me feel a LITTLE better, and i thought that maybe i could go to the bathroom then with a little less pressure on my insides. no such luck, so i went back to the bed. since the only real relief i had was when i was leaning forward with my arms braced against something, i decided to try climbing up on the bed and being on all fours. it was much more comfortable, but the feeling of the cervidil was extremely uncomfortable as it made things inside me pretty tender. cori asked if i wanted him to go get the nurse, but every time i'd mentioned anything to her she kind of acted like i was just a paranoid first-time pregnant lady. i still couldn't blame her (i mean, none of us were expecting anything to really happen that night) but i was getting more and more irritated with her so i told him no.

my wrists were getting really sore from being on all fours, so i sat down and was messing with the bed controls, hoping the foot of the bed would drop enough that i could kneel on that and lean forward against the rest of the bed. i couldn't really figure it out so we put the bed back to how it was, and cori sat down and tried to distract me by chatting. after a minute or so, i suddenly felt a weird blorp-blorp-BLORP! at the top of my uterus, and then there was a TON of pressure towards my butt. my eyes i guess got REALLY huge, and cori was like "what's wrong?" and i was like "i uhh... i think..." and then i felt a gush and i was like "ugh!" and cori was like "did your water break??" and i was like "i... i think so...?" then there was another gush and i was like "yes?"

...then my phone played the FF victory music as sarah sent me a text RIGHT THEN. no kidding. we stared at the phone and i was like "...i'll fucking kill somebody" and cori started laughing, then went to get the nurse. this was around 11:20.

i tried to shift to the edge of the bed, but every movement caused another gush. one of my biggest concerns of course was whether or not i got any on my cute purple argyle socks (lol). the nurse came in and was like "so you think your water broke?" and i said "that or i'm monumentally pissing myself". i finally made it to the edge of the bed and amniotic fluid went gushing out onto the floor. the nurse said "yep! your water broke!" and got me a towel to hold between my legs as i shuffled to the bathroom and sat on the toilet (which was even more uncomfortable now). after the gushing mellowed out, i stood up and put my hands on the toilet seat, leaning forward a little, trying to make myself feel a little better. then i suddenly felt really sick to my stomach and ended up dropping to the floor and throwing up into the toilet. the nurse was like "are you throwing up??" and peeked into the bathroom and was like "yep, you're throwing up" and came in with a warm damp rag. i told her i felt like i had to poop, and she was like "oh ummm... before you try that, let me check you. let's get back to the bed."

(which made me cranky... more moving?! ugh lol)

she checked me (which was PAINFUL and made the contractions start picking up) and i was 6cm and 90% effaced (as opposed to 2cm and 50% effaced when i came in) at 11:30. now that it was pretty obvious things were happening tonight and i wasn't just being whiny, dillan was much better. we were all on the same page and she was more supportive and such.

cori called casey when my water broke, and she headed back to the hospital.

the contractions seemed like they were coming faster and faster, making it hard to adjust to them as they got harder. the nurse asked again if i wanted any IV pain meds, and mentioned that the contractions would only be getting worse. i figured i may as well, in the hopes that it might at least dull them a bit that i could get adjusted to them a little easier and be able to manage the pain better. she gave me 500mL of something but i forgot to ask cori to write down the name of it (it started with a B i think?). it didn't seem to help much. that was at 11:40 and casey showed up a bit after that, i think.

about 40 minutes later, the contractions were coming way too fast and way too hard, and i was having an extremely difficult time relaxing between them. my back wouldn't untense at all, and finally it got to the point where i just couldn't relax even a tiny bit because they were so close together. dillan checked me and i was 8cm dilated. she kept checking through a contraction, which was intensely painful and made the contractions seem 10x worse afterwards, so i broke down and asked for an epidural.

a lady named patty showed up at 12:52 to give me the epidural (30 mins after i was checked) and explained that she'd be giving me a split epidural since i was so far along, that way i'd get a little pain relief right away. as she was getting it ready, she was trying to explain things to me, but i kept cutting her off by moaning with contractions. dillan told her i'd only had the 500mL of whatever, and patty was like "oh! i'm sorry! i'll hurry!!" so she got that in, and the catheter was inserted, and they had me lie down leaning towards my right side as the medication went through my body. she continued explaining things and i had to have her repeat some stuff cuz i couldn't focus at all on what she was saying. she said something about the button for getting more medication. no idea what it was though lol dillan checked me and i was 10cm. my right side was numbed up so they shifted me towards the left. it didn't get very numb though. i could still move my leg and feel contractions on that side.

she left for a little bit, and the three of us (me, cori, and casey) talked a little until she came back and said we'd do a practice push. cori and casey held my legs. i couldn't feel myself pushing at all, which was frustrating, but she said i was pushing fine. then she looked and was like "oh, he's starting to crown... i'm going to go call the doctor" and ran out of the room at 1:15.

around 2, the doctor showed up, and another nurse came in (veronica) who would be handling the baby and doing all of his measurements and such. it took a few minutes to get everything situated, and then they had me start pushing. i was having a really hard time since i couldn't feel myself pushing, but after two or three contractions' worth of pushes, i realized i was able to feel my abdominal muscles for some reason, which at least made it considerably easier to push. i could feel as various body parts passed out of me, and when he was fully out it was such a strange feeling (cori said dillan kept squirting lube on me lol). cori cut the cord, and i remember staring at one of the nurses holding the baby as he did, and it almost didn't even seem real. as of 2:19, i had a baby.

the placenta was delivered at 2:23, and the dr explained that my lower uterus had a harder time pushing than my upper uterus, so at least whenever we get pregnant again we can be prepared for that. i'd had a 2nd degree tear (the dr did an episiotomy when i started tearing because the baby's head was so big and i was having a hard time pushing... his head circumference ended up being 15 inches).

cori and veronica took care of the baby in the corner, cleaning him up a bit and doing all the measurements, then cori carried him around for a bit. veronica put her finger in his mouth now and then to see if he was interested in sucking at all, and once he finally sucked, dillan brought him over to try breastfeeding. he latched on right away and started sucking, and we were all surprised. dillan said something like "well... that's lucky!"

i don't remember when casey left, or anything else really. dillan told me i really did have a high pain tolerance, seeming impressed lol and patty came back to remove the epidural, and dillan left my catheter in because my right knee (and my hip, which i realized later) was still completely numb so i couldn't walk. they were low-staffed in the maternity ward, so we spent the night in the L&D room.

cori fell asleep around 4? and i stayed awake on the laptop while andrew slept in the bassinet near my bed. i think i dozed off a little before 6, but woke up a few times. drew started making a few noises at 7 so i stayed awake cuz i wasn't sure if he'd fully wake up or not (he didn't). i called a couple of people, and around 7:30 chris (the first nurse we had) came in with a wheelchair and started putting our stuff on a cart. she said she had been all excited about being our nurse and was looking forward to it, and was all sad when she came in and found out she'd missed all the excitement hehehe

so that's it, i guess. hopefully i didn't forget anything :P all and all the labor took 3 hours (almost on the dot... from 11:20pm to 2:19am). he's been doing amazing, eating/sleeping/pooping/peeing well, and has some jaundice (high levels, but not dangerously high... we had it checked up on today and he seems to be fine but we'll find out for sure on monday). we stayed at the hospital until wednesday evening. they said we were ok to be discharged so we decided we'd much rather be at home.

taken by casey. the nurse had just finished cleaning him up, i think... i forget :B

the first pic i took of him, maybe an hour or so after he was born? the time on the picture is way off so i'm not sure what time it was really taken.

i took this to send to my brother.

andrew is a sleepyhead
tuesday afternoon. the nurse who did his reflex tests had a hard time getting him to open his eyes. i guess he's got crazy strong eyelids! so that's where the red mark under his eye came from.

home sweet home, plus one
wednesday night (actually thursday morning) after getting home, sleeping in the bassinet. his head is too big to fit any of the newborn hats we have lol so he's been wearing the 6mo monkey hat hehehe

sleepy monkey
i spent most of yesterday in bed because i didn't have any pain meds (though i haven't really needed them much) so i set him on the bed next to me whenever he napped. he spent a good hour or so between a couple feedings just alert and watching me :3 it was nice to spend some time with him since i hadn't been able to yet.

little blondie
the only pic i have of his hair :/ it's a really cute color... kind of a sandy blond, but it looks really dark when the light's not hitting it.

aaaand that's all the pics i have. i really need to charge my camera so i can take some actual pics instead of crappy phone pics :P

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