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15 April 2011 @ 01:46 pm
andrew is one week old :)  
i meant to post this a few days ago, but got distracted and then forgot lol but andrew is ten days old today... his umbilical stump fell off at six days and is healing up nicely, and his circumcision healed up a couple days ago. we've been having to make a few trips to the hospital to get his blood drawn for bilirubin checks, which he's been surprisingly tolerant of. his levels are going down (they were never at a dangerous number, but still a bit high), but he's still looking a bit yellow. hopefully the jaundice clears up soon! unfortunately he might've picked up a cold during yesterday's trip to the lab, which is not very fun. at least the lab tech was nice enough to do his PKU while we were there already getting his foot cut.

as for me, i'm recovering well. sometimes it feels like i didn't just have a baby, but then i have days like today where i'm ridiculously gassy from something i must've eaten yesterday, making my insides uncomfortably sore. my husband went back to work today so i'm on my own for a week... at least i have a handsome little baby to keep me company lol






and another, just a phone pic

one week old!
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